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A3 Jock™ Groin Protector

A3 Jock™ Groin Protector

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PLEASE NOTE: For best fit, if your waist size is in-between our different sizes, please "round up." For example, if your waist size is 30, please select the "30 - 32" size option.


Protection & Flexibility: There are 3 layers of protective plates within the unit, yes 3. First, a protective hard outer shield capable of the worst. Second, a shock-absorbent bridge foam layer to mitigate shock from multiple directions. Finally, the primary Flex Cup has strategically placed wedges along its edges to flex move with you. This patented design (US Patent Number 10,682,563) allows the cup to be tightened against the body preventing undesired shifting while allowing you to move. There is also a protective plate inside the middle of the belt to provide extra protection for your abdomen. 
Convenience & Comfort: Designed to be worn over or without undies, eliminating the need for you to wear additional compression garments. Surrounding the hard protective plates are breathable and comfortable cushions, giving you the feeling of distraction-free freedom. Use the adjustable belts and under-strap to wear and to remove the gear anytime. 
Irremovable Stability: The adjustable middle belt, side belt, and under-strap provide you with ultimate control over the position and tightness of the cup. The 3 adjustable points of enforcement together prevent the cup from shifting during movement or upon impact. 


It's simply the best groin guard I've ever used. November 18th (2022), I will be using this in my bantamweight ONE Championship Debut.

- Jonathan Haggerty (ONE Championship World Champion)

What I love the most about the A3 Jock is its flexibility and durability at the same time. The cup is rigid upon impacts, yet its flexibility and shock absorption make it super comfortable to wear. You barely feel like you're wearing it. It's also adjustable. That's the best cup I've ever had so far! 

- Daniel Mola (Head Instructor at UFC Gym Boston) 

My students and I all love this gear, and many of them compete professionally. The A3 Jock's comfort is a complete game changer, especially for grappling sessions during which I could barely feel the gear at all. Highly recommend!

- Coach René Dreifuss (Founder and Head Coach of Radical MMA)

This is not just a plastic cup. It’s a solid cup encased in foam that is extremely rigid. I felt my groin area was encased and protected from any accidental shots. Further, there was no bunching or trapping of my junk. It's why we've ranked this groin protector the best MMA cup with a jock strap.

- Coach James de Lacey (Founder of Sweet Science of Fighting)

"It's so comfortable like you're wearing nothing at all!"

"The gear never moves while I'm in action, allowing me to concentrate while ensuring complete mobility and security."

"I wish I could've used the gear earlier in my career, because I definitely could've won more!"


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